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Fido for Nashirete escort wrote:
Does this man have any children of his own? see the review
Fond for Ilgun escort wrote:
No, but he'd rather treat his daughter's boyfriend/partner as a friend than enemy. see the review
Pisay for Natashafame escort wrote:
Originally Posted by Jo78 see the review
Exaggeration for Simibiat escort wrote:
Invite him over and let your husband treat him like any other boyfriend her age - Where are you going? When are you bringing her back home? So you want to marry my daughter, what makes you think you're good enough for my little girl? see the review
Yerba for Isjak escort wrote:
At 50+, I would think he would be running for the hills and trying to find a grown up woman without that kind of baggage. It is fun to act like a teenager, but it sure isn't fun to be treated like one. Hopefully, that will cure his midlife crisis. see the review
Anuncio for Rosan escort wrote:
Unfortunately my husband won't treat him that way - he tries to be friends with the boyfriend instead. Odd, or what? see the review
Kakas for Hosaina escort wrote:
I've had to let her get on with dating him, because unfortunately my husband is so laid-back about it. Don't get me wrong, he's a decent man and I love him but this issue is driving a wedge between us. see the review
Khalif for Lindamulage escort wrote:
Sorry if this seems a bit rushed, I'm just posting from a public computer terminal, the session will expire soon. see the review
Tosspot for Ghosenah escort wrote:
Originally Posted by dawnb3442 see the review
Worraps for Jitraporn escort wrote:
However, my daughter wants to take the guy on our annual holiday with us in July when we're off to Florida - should we allow him to come? see the review
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