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Goer for Nefika escort wrote:
So lf l've been lost , a second like will pop up on her when she comes back. see the review
Bess for Icenia escort wrote:
But alas , she's disappeared , hasn't been on for 5 days. see the review
Skipped for Gjenete escort wrote:
Hoping to catch her when she comes back on. . see the review
Dood for Hernandez escort wrote:
Ok , l'm goin in. Wish me luck. see the review
Purdah for Jaman escort wrote:
I've been speaking to this guy in his early 30s who has sideburns. He is a lovely guy and we have a lot in common and I have accepted going on a date with him on the weekend. see the review
Colsoft for Miryea escort wrote: see the review
Nakia for Mohadesa escort wrote:
Dang, those aren't just side burns, those are some chops! see the review
Chevalie for Subhe escort wrote:
I wonder if I'm just making potentially a big deal out of nothing, he certainly looks nice and suits them. see the review
Hoti for Shien escort wrote:
When I met my bf he was wearing a goatee and that I find sexy. Then one day he shows up at my door without the bottom part of the goatee and only the mustache!! I went what is THAT?? You shave that off right now!! of course he refused. I had to get used to the fact that 6 days out of the week he has a goatee and 1 day he has a mustache! I got used to it and now I don't even see it. see the review
Sizzles for Naniushka escort wrote:
The only question is whether YOU are attracted. see the review
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