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Pablo for Melyn escort wrote:
When I was happy with my ex I never thought about anyone else yet when that relationship went downhill...damn all my fantasies about other people came straight back. see the review
Persone for Inada escort wrote:
Thanks for all your help on the previous thread at My 16-year-old daughter wants to marry a 52-year-old man! see the review
Kendoka for Evalise escort wrote:
In response to some of your questions, I should state that: see the review
Shamanistic for Carlota escort wrote:
Jeremy Clarkson is not the moral compass in our household. see the review
Dakinis for Xueyan escort wrote:
We do watch a lot of Top Gear in our house. Well, my husband and daughter do, their shared interest is in cars and motor-racing-related stuff, so that explains that. I've tried to talk to my husband about his behaviour and get him to behave like a father should, but no, he won't listen, even though I tried to do so calmly and sensitively. see the review
Creeded for Lillielle escort wrote:
Originally Posted by ReeWoo see the review
Lorena for Berhan Yohannes escort wrote:
Send her to an American beach for spring break . . . take a picture of the 52 year old along to compair to the young men that she sees on the beach. see the review
Camilla for Shathah escort wrote:
What exactly do you mean by that, and how would that help? see the review
Basileus for Ulumma escort wrote:
Also, I heard something interesting about the guy earlier this week... apparently I heard he boasts to his friends down the pub about his younger lover (my daughter) and how he's "down wiv it" (what does that mean?) see the review
Visigothic for Senhareeb escort wrote:
OP, how would your H treat an 18 year old wanting to "date" your daughter? Would he want to meet him and get to know him in that way only a father can do? see the review
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