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Sangala for Alicia Kyss escort wrote:
As far as this lady goes, you have said loads of times you'd compromise on partying, sounds like she wasn't going to be around for long anyway, you could have given it a shot just for a few weeks. see the review
Jockos for Raage escort wrote:
Originally Posted by Jdoublenn see the review
Kepekci for Jomalina escort wrote:
Great I say, lets reschedule to Friday, her response "well I will have to think about it". see the review
Kantako for Eilit escort wrote:
Next!! =) see the review
Feringi for Norasikin escort wrote:
I just caught up on many of his old threads. I definitely stick by my advice lol. But it’s nice to get a better “feel” for someone’s background ya know. see the review
Hebrew for Mk Missc escort wrote:
I mean no offense, ZA. I hope you’re ok with that see the review
Calypso for Tsarinova escort wrote:
You can put me down as one who has. see the review
Pukatea for Kamau escort wrote:
I think one thing needs to be made clear, I know I am not going to get anywhere with her but I do enjoy being friends with her, what this has done is allow me to open up a bit, I learn things and generally enjoy spending time with her and she takes an interest in me which nobody else has ever bothered to do. see the review
Kinch for Georgiana Florina escort wrote:
You are right maybe I don't look like someone to engage with, sucks to be me in that case, guess some are luckier than others. see the review
Tailbone for Agnez escort wrote:
Bottom line is its probably wholly unacceptable to be inexperienced at 33/34 so I guess I'll keep the status quo because its a heck of a lot better than have to field 100 questions as to why much the same way I need to justify to and every date why I don't drink. see the review
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