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Cyan for Sheyan escort wrote:
hmm, got a lot to learn about these damn date sites. see the review
Herbel for Cebira escort wrote:
Okay. I figured that might be a cheeky way to do things. She knows I'm very sarcastic. One day she asked me over text where I was going and I said far far away from you. see the review
Bryce for Rasmiya escort wrote:
Don't really know where to go from here see the review
Martina for Sineit escort wrote:
I understand the nature of your banter. I employed that sarcastic style myself at your age. As I matured I grew out of it & realized that it wasn't serving me well. see the review
Maladapt for Raima Khan escort wrote:
Seriously, stop dithering with us. Reply to her. Cheeky is fine. Vulgar or insulting are not. If you really want to go for it . . . say something like you in Santa lingerie under my Christmas tree but say something already. see the review
Vampish for Senhareeb escort wrote:
At this point you have had a longer conversation with me -- some strange woman on the internet who is old enough to be your mom -- then you have spoke to her. What does that tell you? see the review
Luen for Shaub escort wrote:
Why are you playing so hard to get? see the review
Copus for Kamau escort wrote:
Alright I sent "You". She responded super quickly like she normally does with "oh yeah?" see the review
Vivified for Rasminne escort wrote:
Should also note that she included the 😂 after the "oh yeah?" see the review
Gaping for Annadotter escort wrote:
Looks around desk for virtual 2x4 to virtually hit rkc2 upside the head with. see the review
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