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Grayers for Sweethell escort wrote:
Anyone who wants to experience the 'good old days' of dating should agree to see the review
Noonday for Durin escort wrote:
Get rid of their computer see the review
Tarr for Willum escort wrote:
Throw away the cell phone see the review
Hein for Jennyr escort wrote:
Write letters to pen pals and WALK them to a corner mailbox see the review
Tammy for Stenudd escort wrote:
Get a poker group together and meet once a month see the review
Nartker for Shooni escort wrote:
Can we bring back drive in theaters? see the review
Simcity for Laica escort wrote:
All of the 'organic' ways of meeting anyone have gone out the window, because people have their heads in their electronic devices 24/7[] see the review
Snap for Carlota escort wrote:
haha. And for heaven's sake, ivory soap and pressed dress shirts please! oh, and expect people to think you belong in jail if you're having sex "willy-nllly" see the review
Dranrab for Azhen escort wrote:
Will someone please address this? Why aren't women who are deemed undesirable supposed to be given many chances to warm the guys' hearts? see the review
Lapkin for Xuewei escort wrote:
That rarely, if ever, comes up here. Please explain! see the review
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