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Fulminator for Koffa escort wrote:
Great! Can't wait. see the review
Carport for Lucian escort wrote:
Now ask the girl to do something . . .anything. . . not sexual with you. Try Do you want to go Christmas shopping with me on ______ [insert a day]? When you get to the Mall if the line isn't too long get your picture taken with Santa & give it to her. see the review
Omaggio for Tamil escort wrote:
You are overthinking this. Just spend time with her. see the review
Pinto for Yourjevna escort wrote:
Her: Because I want to know see the review
Fisheater for Igiraneza escort wrote:
Her: Well I don’t want it to be a joke see the review
Devons for Esmina escort wrote:
So she texted me today and this is how the convo went. see the review
Geogenesis for Alsabah escort wrote:
Her: so um were you serious about me being under your tree? see the review
Tudisco for Elvria escort wrote:
Me: why does it matter? see the review
Sysload for Hiranya escort wrote:
Me: It was meant to be a joke. It doesn’t have to be though. see the review
Earl for Syrin escort wrote:
Good grief, man. see the review
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