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Golliwog for Arina Maria escort wrote:
Duh . . . the emoticon was redundant. It just drove home the fact that SHE LIKES YOU. Now do something about it. see the review
Chubs for Jabori escort wrote:
Ask her out, on a proper date. see the review
Leostic for Milona escort wrote:
For heaven's sake, man. You need to stop cloaking your fear of rejection in humour and sarcasm and show a little more confidence. This girl is waiting for you to make a move and you're dropping the ball. see the review
Ambitions for Threse escort wrote:
How am I doing that? Because I won't admit that I have a huge interest in her like she has in me? It takes me a while to like a girl. You can't deny that both of us enjoy the joking, touching, butt touching, drinking sharing, Chapstick sharing and all of the other sexual innuendos as well. see the review
Wimsatt for Srebrena escort wrote:
Respond with see the review
Gahir for Rayd escort wrote:
Do you think you will fit under my tree? see the review
Gab for Ching Mei escort wrote:
Now stop with LS & concentrate on her. Call her & go shopping or catch a movie. see the review
Nuvista for Lujina escort wrote:
Okay she replied with "For sure. I'll be there with a little bow on my head." see the review
Shitted for Tewoldebrhan escort wrote:
Because you are tying too hard to play hard to get, and you have yet to actually take this girl out. see the review
Scirocco for Babilona escort wrote:
How the hell am I suppose to respond to that? see the review
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