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Populace for Chrich escort wrote:
What you are doing is no different, in the eyes of the law, than a mother who takes her 7-year old to a motel to meet a man and lose her virginity (saw it on Steve Wilkos - it happened - lol). see the review
Prodigality for Zarine escort wrote:
This is the most disgusting thing I've read in a LONG time. I can't believe as her mother, you are encouraging and condoning her rape by a pedophile, and that your husband is going along with it. see the review
Janisch for Xiaolee escort wrote:
Hope you enjoy the color Orange, because you will be wearing it for quite a long time, hon. see the review
Weckman for Nimcaan escort wrote:
You, your Husband, and the Pedophile you have given your child to should all be in jail. If you don't understand what is so ABSOLUTELY abusive about your behavior - please at least let someone in authority know what it happening so that someone can at least begin to help your daughter. You are not capable of it. see the review
Tenail for Natalia Larisa escort wrote:
I always wondered what happened...clearly nothing. see the review
Reader for Abdelameer escort wrote:
With parents like these, who needs pervert 52 year old child rapists? see the review
Reft for Hajdar escort wrote:
I will never understand why it is some parents allow this kind of thing to happen. You know its one thing if a parent did NOT know what was going on or what was happening with their child, but quite another to allow this kind of thing. see the review
Atropine for Jenna Pornstar escort wrote:
You should be trying to protect your daughter, and you're NOT. I'm sure you have excuse after excuse as well. That's all they are is EXCUSES! There is no excuse for not trying to protecting your child! see the review
Tippets for Jielin escort wrote:
I have to wonder, if the OP is looking for some kind of attention. I mean, I would be ashamed to even post in a public forum or have anyone know that my 16 year old is with a 52 year old. see the review
Conrade for Majbeth escort wrote:
BTW, it doesn't make your daughter look bad, it makes YOU and your husband as parents look bad. Exactly what kind of payoff are you looking for by posting and asking for advice on this situation? see the review
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