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Brandish for Aktina escort wrote:
He told me that’s all he said to her. If he’s telling the truth doesn’t that mean he’s not interested? see the review
Ulva for Nouar escort wrote:
Again, no. She didn’t say she missed him. She didn’t say she wanted him back. She didn’t say he had been on her mind. She sent a card saying she hopes his family is okay during the difficult time. What else is there to say besides thank you? see the review
Ricking for Threse escort wrote:
Yea I don't think he's interested then. see the review
Firehouse for Sineit escort wrote:
Hmm. Have you ever seen him or has your friend told you that he looks at her Snapchat (I’m assuming you all use that as well)? see the review
Teeters for Austra escort wrote:
Yea she told me he does that as well. see the review
Rostoll for Miva escort wrote:
No, he does want her and he's doing the usual human nature stuff guys do when they're the one who was dumped and they weren't ready for the relationship to be over. see the review
Meander for Arnoud escort wrote:
I was told (not by him) that he doesn’t go back when a relationship is over. see the review
Spiewak for Lydia Magdalena escort wrote:
Immense for Rudo escort wrote:
Ehhh people say that all the time so I’d take that with a grain of salt. see the review
Primary for Lutfie escort wrote:
A guy who is truly done with his ex WHO DUMPED HIM doesn't tell her he still loved her, he doesn't keep in contact with her and he doesn't stay connected through social media. He goes NC. see the review
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